Past events

Djfishpants Hardcore Fm Oldskool Weekend Warm Up Show
Hey ppl hope you can join me this week bk to Oldskool Business gonna be a mixbag 93-95 darkerside an...
Djfishpants Jul 13, 20:00
WaxASSIN session live
Tasty asortment of drum & bass, jungle + more
WaxASSIN Jul 13, 16:00
Drum and bass takeover show
DJ ROLLIN' and MC VISIONNew and old Drumz and JungleUK RETURNS
ROLLIN Jul 12, 20:00
Catch Rob Focuz and guests each and every Mondays
hcfm Jul 10, 20:00
DJ Latey LIVE!
DJ Latey LIVE Each and every Friday Playing Old Skool Hardcore  Jungle And DnB
OctaneAmy Jul 7, 16:00
The FastLane w/HispdChase
The FastLane w/HispdChase
OctaneAmy Jul 7, 00:00
Thursday Throwdown w/Octane Amy
Octane Amy's weekly show. Smash, smash, smmmmmmash!!!
OctaneAmy Jul 6, 22:00
Wobbly Wednesday
A likkle session for all drivetime massive in uk. Lunchtime crew in Wisco. 
n4Sir Jun 28, 16:00
Dj Rated X Monday Mass 8pm til 10pm
Dj Rated X Monday Mass 8pm til 10pm Playin oldskool Hardcore in to Dnb Join Me for the Monday ...
hcfm May 29, 20:00
HiOctane Studios Weekend Warmup
HiOctane Studios is taking over Hardcore FM for your weekend warmup with all things Drum n Bass!! Fe...
DJ RATED X Atmospheric Sunday Jungle Show
Each and every Sunday Atmospheric Jungle Show Spread the word
hcfm Apr 30, 18:00
Old Skool Hardcore Show 12 - 2pm Sunday
hope you can join me for Sunday's Show, first one in a few weeks, so goner be a proper mixed selecti...
DJRedman123 Apr 30, 12:00
WaxASSIN session live!
Weekly journey deep into jungle/drum and bass show
WaxASSIN Apr 27, 16:00
Hardcore FM MKE Studio 200 Takeover - Live Broadcast
Hardcore FM Stateside Deejays n4Sir, HispdChase and Octane Amy along with Emcee Spade One takeover S...
DJ Redman - Old Skool Hardcore
First show back after the break, goner be playing some old skool classics 1991 - 95, any requests le...
DJRedman123 Apr 2, 12:00

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